Greetings from The Netherlands, a country with a rich tradition of art, literature, and children's books, natuurlijk.



Long-time members and new friends are welcome at our monthly Show & Tell meetings in Amsterdam and The Hague. Illustrators are invited to bring their illustrations, published and work-in-progress. Writers are encouraged to read from their published work or from a work-in-progress. Share with us what inspired you to draw or write, what worked well and what didn't. Share tips and tricks with your fellow illustrators and writers, on writing, on illustrating, on revision techniques, on submitting. We would love to hear from you!


The Amsterdam Show & Tell meetings are held every second Friday of each month at The ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam Center, from 6pm to 8pm. Costs € 5, payable to the  ABC Treehouse for refreshments.

The Hague Show & Tell meetings are held every third Wednesday of each month in The Hague. Contact Jane Warren for information on location and time.